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20.2 Wizard's Chess

Word Count: 199/200

“Knight to E5” Ron said as his piece took its place on the board and destroyed Hermione’s bishop. The redhead grinned before glancing up at the girl across from him and frowned at the troubled expression on her face.

“It’s not that bad ‘Mione.” He said placatingly “You still have a chance to win.”

Hermione shook her head “Oh, it’s not that Ron!” She then leaned back against her chair, the worried expression on her face more apparent “It’s just that – I have something to tell you – but I don’t quite know how to begin!”

“Is this about Harry?” Ron asked

At the mention of Harry’s name, Hermione quickly glanced towards Ron, her cheeks tinged pink “Why ever would think that?”

Ron rolled his eyes “I’m not blind Hermione – I know you fancy him. Bugger, the whole school probably knows you fancy him!”

Hermione turned an even redder shade “And you’re alright with that?”

“It would be weird – my two best mates dating – but I’ll live.” Ron said with a chuckle “Now, can we please stop talking about this and get back to Wizard’s Chess?!”

Hermione smiled brightly, hugged him, and kissed him on the cheek “Thank you Ron.”
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