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20.8 Marauder's Map

Word Count: 196/200

It has been a rough few weeks for Harry. The situation at the Department of Mysteries was insane, and he couldn’t believe that they made it all out of there in one piece. He nearly lost his friends and his Godfather all in one sitting, because he was gullible enough to fall for Voldemort’s trap.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that weeks after the incident, Harry was still suffering from horrifying nightmares. His nightmares were filled with different garish images of Voldemort, Nagini, the orbs and green flashes of light.

But the worse of the lot was when he dreamt of his friends. His friends dying in the hands of death eaters, or falling into the archway that Sirius had nearly fallen into himself. It varied per night; sometimes it was Ron, or Luna or Neville or Ginny.

Tonight, it was Hermione.

Harry work up with a violent start, cold sweat running down his body – glasses and wand in hand, he grabbed the Marauders’ Map, and found Hermione’s name. She was asleep on her bed, safe and sound.

He was in Hogwarts. Hermione was safe. They were all safe. Harry was safe.
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