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7.8 Desk

Word Count: 181/200

It was around 2am, and Harry has been tossing and turning all night. The first task of the Triwizard Tournament was drawing nearer with each passing day, and he was nowhere close to figuring out what simple spell could save his life. To top it all off, his own best friend, Ron, has abandoned him too, choosing to believe that he had put his name on the Goblet of Fire (despite his protests)

He figured that a nighttime stroll might help clear his mind.

Climbing down the staircase, he arrived at the dimly lit common room and stopped. Hermione was asleep on one of the desks around the common room, slumped down on a book on basic charms & spells.

Harry’s heart warmed at the sight. Things might be difficult right now, but he wasn’t truly alone. He knew that he would always have Hermione, and that she will always be his one constant.

Harry grabbed a blanket off the couch and draped it over the sleeping girl. He leaned down, kissed her forehead softly and whispered “Thanks for everything ‘Mione.”
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