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Text Cut: The Gentlemen
Oliver was used to people talking over his head or around him as Winnie and Cody we’re doing, about work, but did Cody have to be so LOUD mouthed? He heard perfectly even on low frequencies, thank you very much without the added volume. Resisting the urge to massage his ears Oliver asked with a pointed look at Cody since he was getting just a smidge irritated. "So you KNOW Winnie, what does that mean?" Well he could play the guessing game, but it was up to Cody to spill it out if Winnie was his girlfriend or not, you could expect that from a decent guy right? If that was the case then Oliver was going to retreat respectfully and not wish for more than a professional lecture on auras from Winnie. If they weren’t a couple then was it wrong of him to want to drink coffee with a beautiful and interesting woman? No, it was not.

"Yes, coffee." Oliver repeated with a sunny smile towards Winnie. "Or we can drink tea too if you prefer that?" Oliver drank both beverages multiple times a day so he had no preference. "Yes, for business purposes." He clarified as he accepted the business card from Winnie and gave her his own that basically stated that he was a healer that worked for the Minister’s office at the ministry of magic. If one coffee date turned into several later than Oliver wasn’t going to complain.

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Aww, was little Ministry Healer man getting annoyed now? Cody's mouth nearly twitched into a smirk at his obvious irritation. "It means I know her," he repeated with a nonchalant shrug, "seeing as we're dating and all that. I quite like her." Did that satisfy Oliver's curiosity and determination to come between them?

He tried again not to roll his eyes at this so-called business discussion Oliver was insistently forcing Winnie to do. One would think the bloke would just give up once he realized she wasn't single. Then again, not everyone had common sense, he supposed. His cool eyes drifted to Winnie, to see what she thought of his small proclamation that they were dating. Was that satisfactory for her, or...? He hadn't been too brash to claim her, had he?!

Oh Circe! Were these two going to start yelling at each other in the middle of the entrance hall? She really hoped not, because she didn’t want to have to kick them both out. Clearly they both had business here that didn’t involve her and the Goblins wouldn’t like the lost business, but she couldn’t have them yelling at each other in the middle of the bank. ”Gentleme-,” she started, but then stopped because Cody’s declaration that she was his girlfriend was news to her. She wondered if the added ‘I quite like her’ was just to appease the ‘mine!’ of the statement. She looked at him for a moment, but slowly her face lit up in a big smile. ”Am I now?” she asked him, clearly amused, but not upset by his outburst. Because she clearly liked the idea and sound of being Cody’s girlfriend.

With a small shake of her head she turned back to Oliver in a manner she hoped was pleasant and professional, if not slightly amused. After all, this was purely business related. Right? ”I drink both,” she replied taking Oliver’s business card. Yep. Business. In no way was she excited about receiving Oliver’s business card for any other reason than a prospective freelance job. Especially not after the man she was seeing just declared to the entire bank that she was his girlfriend. Nope. This. Was. Business. The healer himself had said so. ”Depends on the day or the company I am with.” She tucked Oliver’s business card into her portfolio (she didn’t want to lose it). If this was purely for business, than why did she feel guilty about taking it? Perhaps because her first date with Cody had been over coffee. Yes, that must be it. Not because the healer standing in front of her was an attractive young man with a good, albeit time-consuming job. This was just business. ”I’m usually available on Thursday mornings for consultations.” Business, she kept insisting to herself.

And speaking of business, she glanced at her wrist watch. ”I’m sorry gentlemen. I have a meeting to get to. And you both has business to conduct.” She looked between the two men, then offered Oliver handshake and a smile. ”I was a pleasure being run into by you Healer Rasterick. I hope the rest of your day off goes smoothly.”
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