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20.6 Invisiblity Cloak

Word Count: 198/200

Ever since he received his father’s invisibility cloak, Harry had been using it to sneak around the castle, for secret nighttime strolls. He usually got away with it too, managing to get back into bed without anyone noticing.

But this time, that was impossible. He stood in front of the empty portrait of the fat lady, willing it to open, but he knew there was no chance of him entering the common room.

So, he waited and eventually fell asleep. It would be fine. No one would notice he was gone

The next day

“Harry? Are you here?!” Harry heard someone say as he woke from his fitful nap to Hermione grabbing patches of space around her.

He removed his cloak, revealing himself to the frazzled witch “Oh! Thank goodness you’re alright! I have been worried sick! I kept telling Ron that we should have gone out and searched for you, or waited for you at the portrait door! Just to make sure you got back alright!”

Harry smiled at her fussing. He was wrong. Of course he should have realized the Hermione would never not notice when he was missing. She was just that kind of girl.
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