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21.7 Anti-Cheating Quill

Word Count: 196/200

Examination Week always happen to catch Harry Potter by surprise. Despite being friends with the Hermione Granger, Harry always forgets to study for their exams, and constantly producing mediocre grades. Oh, but not this year, this year, Harry Potter had a plan.

He strategized that he would do well on his own only on selected subjects, while other subjects, he had no hope of achieving high marks without Hermione’s help. So, he devised a plan, a plan that will let him copy of – no, draw inspiration from – the answers of one Hermione Granger, guaranteeing him a passing grade at least.

On the day of their exams, Harry sat beside Hermione, choosing the side of her non dominant hand, ensuring that he would have a clear view of her parchment.

As the tests and the quills were distributed, Harry commenced with his plan, but was horrified to find out that his quill was not working.

“My quill isn’t working!”

In response, Hermione turned to him and smiled smugly “Because that’s an anti-cheating quill. It’s not going to work if you keep copying off my answers Harry.”

Harry Potter was horrified. His plan had failed

Stupid Anti-Cheating Quills.
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