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Originally Posted by mellamaet View Post
Catherina walked further into the room, carefully avoiding the fountain of Amortentia. At the sound of human voices, she walked faster, practically brisk walking now, heading to what she assumed was the storage room.

"Hi!" She said brightly, a little breathlessly from the brisk walking, as she reached the room at the end of the chamber. "Sorry to barge in! I'm just looking for the other Unspeakables. The Hall of Prophecy was deserted. Then remembering her manners, she held out her hand and introduced herself "I'm Cath by the way!"
Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
He bent down to pick up another jar, this time the item inside rattled. ”Are zere?” he asked as he stood up. ” See vhat happens vhen you take time off.” He smiled when he said it since it was meant as a joke, but came out a little flat. Because honestly? That dusty old chamber wasn’t often messed with. Mangus knew that Adam himself avoided it, unless he was looking for Laurel that was. Too many things for him to break or walk into. ” Anyzzing important lost or miss-“ he stopped talking as someone else walked up. He wasn’t entirely sure if they should be discussing this with anyone else. He wasn't sure how Laurel felt about him, but they’d been working together long enough for her to have earned his trust.

He didn’t recognized the voice. It was too chipper and too eager and therefore must be a new hire. ”Guten tag,” he greeted gruffly while shifting a bag of lionfish spines out of the way. He really needed to get the barrel of Bubotuber pus out so he could look at it. ”Ah-dahm,” he said waving in the wrong direction, not on purpose mind you. The man was basically a step above blind.

Laurel instinctively wanted to take another step back from Adam and his now rattling jar. She didn’t like peculiar substances in jars. This was why she stuck to divination. It was safe. Nothing could pop out unexpectedly at you from a jar. Smiling since she was really glad to see Adam again Laurel asked. "Did you have a good christmas vacation?" As he stood up and joked with her, she held up a finger at him, but with a sunny smile. "Now, now Adam that’s on Airey for not keeping things in order while I was gone, not me."

The prophecy hall was usually avoided by most and usually not messed with like the lab, but not this time. "Yes there are, I was hoping that you could help me-" Before Laurel could say anything else or show Adam the smashed orb things she had collected as evidence as they were joined by another woman. A new hire obviously if the eager and chipper voice was anything to go by. Smiling, she shook the younger woman’s outstretched hand. "It’s nice to meet you Cath. I’m Laurel, I work in the prophecy hall too." Before she had a chance to shout watch out, Adam had waved his hand in the wrong direction when he aimed to shake Cath’s hand. Laurel just hoped that Cath didn’t get slapped by accident.
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