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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Oliver was taught to read body language and tone of voice and it was clear to him that this Cody chap wasn’t really happy to see him there talking to Winnie. They hadn’t said they were a couple, but why was Cody then defending, no explaining about this aura thing of Winnies if they weren’t seeing each other? Or was he just being a very overprotective friend? Oliver still had a shot at getting a date with the beautiful Winnie it seemed and he was going to do his best to get one.

Glancing over at Cody he wondered "Do you have a gift too?" Ollie ignored the inspection from the other man that was frankly a bit insulting. He had better manners than him clearly. "I have affairs at the bank, yes." That he was just withdrawing money and such wasn’t Cody’s business. Turning up the smile volume as he turned his attention to Winnie completely ignoring Cody’s presence Ollie said. "Thanks for easing my aura worries. It seems like a pretty handy gift to have. Would you be interested in drinking some coffee with me tomorrow and chat more about it? It could be useful in my healing of people." If this was going to upset Cody he’d have to wait and see.
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
"Kinda," Cody answered in response, resisting the urge to yawn deeply at her question about work. "I got a kip in before I came here." He held up his bag of gold to deposit, as though to illustrate his purpose. He found it amusing how they were carrying on a half-conversation right over Oliver's head, and he, meanwhile, had the audacity to ask Winnie out to coffee.

Cody tried his best not to burst out laughing. He was going to be ignored just like that, then?

"No, no gift here," he replied to the bloke loudly. "I just KNOW Winnie." You know? He knew her well, he thought. So well that he wasn't even remotely upset by Oliver's audacity. Instead, Cody too turned to Winnie, only his smile was more of a smirk as he waited to see what she said to the Healer's coffee date proposal.

She eyed up the bag of gold, one eyebrow raised just a bit. Was he trying to show off to her? And he sure looked tired. Maybe she shouldn’t ask about lunch. That was the difficult thing about their schedules; different time tables and schedules.

”Well, it can be quite useful,” she replied giving Oliver a smile. It could always be quite frustrating and well, annoying at times too. ”Coffee?” she blinked surprised by the suggestion. The offer seemed innocent enough, after all the man did seem pretty career focused. Applying Aurology to healing sounded like an interesting idea. So if this was a business meeting, why did she seemed a bit flustered (and flattered) by the offer? She was about to say ‘sure,’ when Cody’s I KNOW her reverberated through her mind. Winnie hadn’t said they were a couple, because well, were they? Yes, they had gone out on a few dates and even went on a weekend holiday, but she didn’t want to be presumptuous. Besides Cody hadn’t seemed the type to label things. In fact, he seemed more amused then irritated by the man’s offer. This in turn irritated her a little. Maybe Cody didn’t care if she met Oliver for coffee.

”For business?” she asked/clarified mostly for Cody's benefit. She produced a business card from inside her portfolio which she offered to Oliver. It was dark blue with silver lettering and read: Winnie P. Phora, Aurologist along with a strange symbol. The man’s offer had seemed rather business-like she repeated to herself. So if Cody did have a problem with her accepting, well, he needed to remember she did occasionally take side consulting jobs. AND he needed to speak up.
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