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18.3 Quill

Word Count: 188/200

“Hermione, may I borrow a quill?” Harry asked during one charms class as they were all furiously scribbling down that week’s assignment on their parchments. Hermione off-handedly handed him one of her extra quills and resumed writing.

A few weeks later, during a particularly dull class, Harry nudged her and whispered “Hermione, let me borrow your quill, I forgot mine upstairs” The girl rolled her eyes, but handed him her extra quill.

Several days after, in the middle of double potions with Slytherins, Hermione reaches into her bag to grab her quill, only to find it gone from its usual spot. She turned to Harry, and was unsurprised to find her quill in his hand as he furiously scribbled down something on his book.

“Honestly Harry! You have dozens of quills, why do you never use any of them?!” She asks exclaims one afternoon after finding her favorite quill missing again.

“Sorry ‘Mione, Its just, they don’t really write as well on parchment as yours do. ” Harry admits sheepishly

That Christmas, Harry gets a handsome eagle feather quill for Christmas. Similar to ones Hermione uses in class.
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