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Text Cut: Adam
Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
”Lager (storage),” he called out from the direction of the storage room. He would have come out, but he was a bit busy taking inventory as directed by their Department Head. He currently had about 5 bags of fluffy potion ingredients near his feet, a few bunches of dried herbs near his head, not to mention various glass bottles and vials of random pickled things nearby. His translation pen (hence the German) was busy scratching away at a piece of parchment he’d tacked up on the wall. ”Nein, nein!” he said gesturing at the pen in frustration. ”{Don’t write that – Puh!…}” He’d fix the list later. The pen’s insistence on writing everything down that he said in German was the least of his frustrations. Unless the new hirers were conducting potion experiments he wasn’t aware of, there was a pretty big discrepancy in the inventory stores list he had conducted a few months ago.


Laurel heard Adam’s faint voice saying from somewhere. Assuming that he probably meant that he was in the storage room since he wasn’t in sight, she continued her careful navigation forward, toward the back of the chamber. As she stopped in front of the open door to the storage, Laurel let out a grateful sigh. She had made it around all the bubbling cauldrons and other peculiar lab inventions without getting hurt and it was a big relief. She didn’t want to tell Aaron that she had gotten a cauldron burn after just an hour at work. Turning her attention to Adam’s figure standing near the wall with stuff strewn all around him and muttering to himself in German she waited for the right moment to interject, but doubting it’d come soon Laurel called out again. "Adam, is everything all right?" Gesturing to the floor she asked "Why are all these wares strewn about?"
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