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18.5 Common Room

Word Count: 198/200

Harry Potter sat down on one of the plush arm chairs that surrounded the Gryffindor Common Room. He had been in Hogwarts for a month now, and he had never felt more at home. And it certainly helped that the school didn’t feel like a ‘school’ to Harry, with its moving portraits and staircases. It felt like a magical amusement park.

And it seemed like his fellow first years felt the same - everyone except Hermione who was sitting on a desk at the back of the common room, working on homework that was not due until next week. To Harry, that just wasn’t right! Everyone should enjoy a night off with their friends once in a while!

The problem was, he didn’t think Hermione actually had any friends yet.

Taking matters into his own hands, he tapped her on the shoulder and smiled “Hermione, care to join us for a game of go fish? Dean had just finished explaining the rules to Ron and Neville, and we have extra place for another player.”

Hermione smiled brightly at Harry “I’d love to! Let me just fix my things!”

Harry smiled back. Everyone should feel at home at Hogwarts.

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