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Default L'Observatoire

L'Observatoire - Third Floor

The observatory is where students of astronomy gather to study constellations, heavenly bodies, and the universe, though many students simply come to gaze at the stars. The domed ceiling of the observatory reflects the current positions of the planets relative to the sun, but can also be charmed to reveal the sky's appearance at any time of the night or season. At the center of the room stands a large magical telescope that glints majestically in both sunlight and moonlight, and when the sky is overcast, seems to glow of its own accord. Students may not use it without the appropriate permission.

A large bookshelf lines one wall, filled with a plethora of space and astronomy books. Removal without permission is prohibited as they are equipped with a security charm. But you are free to use them at your leisure while studying and observing the stars inside the observatory.
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