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SPOILER!!: Winnie & Cody

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl
So Winnie was here, and blushing, and generally having a grand old time with... this Oliver Rastrick. Cody couldn't help it, though; his face lit up a bit to see her waving at him and fumbling with her folder. "Alright there, Winnie?" His blue eyes twinkled at her before he turned to Oliver, shaking his hand firmly and quickly with his own. "Right, the pleasure's all mine." His tone was all perfunctory though.

He thought about commenting on the aura thing, but it was really Winnie's story to share or not share. "It's not ominous," he mumbled toward the Oliver bloke. "Just her gift." He nodded toward his girlfriend, as she should really explain and he should really just make his deposit and get going.

"You're not... in line here, are ya mate?" He looked the Healer over, up and down.
Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post

The fearful look in Oliver’s eyes caught Winnie’s attention and her smile faltered. Oh dear. She’d done it again; startled someone with a casual remark about their aura. ”It’s not ominous.“ She hadn’t heard Cody’s muttering, but if she had she would have blushed even redder. It’d been a while since someone besides her family understood her gift, and while she wasn’t sure Cody 100% believed in her gift, at least he didn’t mock it. ”Just means you’re busy. Or perhaps flustered by something. Otherwise, your aura seems healthy. Nothing to worry about. I didn’t mean to pry. Just sometimes my gift has a mind of its own.” The apology was automatic. She’d been accused of snooping on people more than once.

Oliver was taught to read body language and tone of voice and it was clear to him that this Cody chap wasn’t really happy to see him there talking to Winnie. They hadn’t said they were a couple, but why was Cody then defending, no explaining about this aura thing of Winnies if they weren’t seeing each other? Or was he just being a very overprotective friend? Oliver still had a shot at getting a date with the beautiful Winnie it seemed and he was going to do his best to get one.

Glancing over at Cody he wondered "Do you have a gift too?" Ollie ignored the inspection from the other man that was frankly a bit insulting. He had better manners than him clearly. "I have affairs at the bank, yes." That he was just withdrawing money and such wasn’t Cody’s business. Turning up the smile volume as he turned his attention to Winnie completely ignoring Cody’s presence Ollie said. "Thanks for easing my aura worries. It seems like a pretty handy gift to have. Would you be interested in drinking some coffee with me tomorrow and chat more about it? It could be useful in my healing of people." If this was going to upset Cody he’d have to wait and see.
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