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Winnie was trying very hard not to laugh at poor Oliver for two reasons. 1) no harm no foul and so, she had only been teasing. It seem the poor man really didn’t understand her sense of humor. 2) Cody was now standing there and she didn’t want to give him the wrong impression, because there wasn’t a wrong impression to give right? Right. So why did Oliver’s abashment come off as incredibly cute? Instead of laughing, she gave the man perhaps her most sincere smile since he’d run into her. And speaking of sincere smiles, the one Cody was sending her way made her tummy do a small little flip. ”Fine, fine.” she said with a smile in response to Cody’s hello. Simultaneously tucking the portfolio under an arm she rubbed her nose with the back of her hand and praying she didn’t have ink on her face as she watched the men shake hands. "Just off work are you?" she asked Cody, hoping the answer was yes. Maybe they could get lunch when her presentation was over.

The fearful look in Oliver’s eyes caught Winnie’s attention and her smile faltered. Oh dear. She’d done it again; startled someone with a casual remark about their aura. ”It’s not ominous.“ She hadn’t heard Cody’s muttering, but if she had she would have blushed even redder. It’d been a while since someone besides her family understood her gift, and while she wasn’t sure Cody 100% believed in her gift, at least he didn’t mock it. ”Just means you’re busy. Or perhaps flustered by something. Otherwise, your aura seems healthy. Nothing to worry about. I didn’t mean to pry. Just sometimes my gift has a mind of its own.” The apology was automatic. She’d been accused of snooping on people more than once.
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