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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
About to turn and head into the bank for her meeting, she found herself face-to-face with a page of the Daily Prophet. ”What? Who?” she said irritated. She reached out a hand, trying to push the crinkly paper away from her face. Who she was irritated with wasn’t clear. Herself for being distracted by the idea of Cody? The person or creature who had walked into her? Or because she hadn’t seen Cody?

It was apparently a person, more specifically a person with the apple green aura of a healer, although bits of maroon flickered around the edges. She blinked her big gray eyes at the man trying to bring block out her gifts so she could focus. It took her a moment to get her gift under wraps. ”Funny you say smashing…” she teased, rubbing her nose. She hoped she didn’t have ink on her face. ”I’m fine, but you should really pay more attention. The goblins aren’t as forgiving if you…ahh… run…them.” As she started to focus, the man’s aura dimmed and she found herself starting at a rather handsome looking man. She blinked, then tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

Flaming fwooper feathers he had done it again. Ollie had by the sound of the woman’s voice managed to irritate another person, again. How many was it this week? He had lost count after that owl had bitten his fingers so they ran blood because he hadn’t paid quickly enough for his issue of the prophet. Anyway, focusing on the woman in front of him on the steps, Ollie did his best to shove the responsible, and very bad newspaper down into his extended robe pocket. "Well the new cleansweep is right smashing in my opinion, since you can fly without turbulence and sit on it without getting a soar bottom." Very important plus factors to any person who loved to fly on a broom like him especially when he had to get to an emergency fast and couldn’t apparate.

"Oh, yes I totally will. I’m usually not as unobservant of my surroundings. I’m Oliver by the way." He introduced himself, as he stuck out a firm hand towards the woman for a handshake, very happy that she wasn’t injured. "I usually try to keep my dealings with goblins very civil." Goblins gave him the creeps, not that he was going to admit that to this beautiful girl.
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