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Text Cut: David
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Was he trying to trick David into discussing the Department of Mysteries?! If so, the trick wouldn't work. Nope, he wouldn't fall for that. His lips were sealed. Unless... unless... unless Jessica had been talking about him and his bad day he'd had recently? David found himself rubbing the back of his head, where he still had a small lump.

"David," he offered his name, and his hand, reluctantly shaking Conley's. "She's wonderful," he agreed, hesitating before he adding, "She didn't tell you I work on that floor, did she?" He was so nervous to ask but he had to know. Had to know she was trustworthy. Had to know that HE was trustworthy, that he hadn't knocked all sense out of his brain when he'd fallen down on the job that day.

He gave the young man’s hand single firm shake and then let go. ”No,” he said with a dismissive hand motion. He had the feeling he had made David uncomfortable. ”Not at all. I’ve just been around the Ministry a while. Meet enough unspeakables to know when I stumble across one.” He shrugged. It was something in their mannerisms. If Winnie were here, she’d be telling him she was sensing a “guarded” or “dark” aura. Sometimes he wished he had his cousin’s abilities. It would sure make his job easier. Still, the man’s question made him wonder if he really was alright. And no, he hadn’t missed the young man’s rub to the head. It hadn’t seemed like a normal personality quirk. There had been too many oddities in the Ministry in the past few years and perhaps Conley’s intuition was still on high alert despite the Roller Trial being old hat, but still…

He sat up straighter, this time trying to offer both a comforting and open demeanor. ”You sure you’re alright?” he asked gently. ”If you can’t discuss it with me, you could always make an appointment with Airey. The man’s a bit of a hypochondriac, but despite hit neurotic tendencies, he’s quite easy to talk to.” Pause. ”Just don’t mess with his pet rocks.”
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