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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Conley had needed to escape from his office and from work for a few minutes. Seeking a hiding place where nobody would think to find him, he landed on the food court, figuring it was the last place someone would look for him. After all, Conley often forgot to eat so a place that served food seemed the last place someone would look for him. So, after stopping for a cup of tea, Conley had found an empty sofa and made himself comfortable as he shuffled through some pamphlets and forms that were not work related, but to someone else, might seem so as they dealt with citizenship and other legally-looking information.
David did not eat at the food court, nor purchase food here, but he did like to meet his lunch buddy in this area at lunch time. So, in a sense, he did go to the food court...? Just not for food.

Today it seemed that everyone had taken their lunch hour at the same time. David stood near a red sofa, one hand in his pocket, and looking around for Jessica. She hadn't appeared yet so he decided to just sit down next to a man shuffling through some files.

"This seat isn't occupied, is it?" he inquired politely. Just in case. He COULD move if it was.
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