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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
....that was a completely unfounded, unjustified worry. "You barely know me," Davie pointed out, clearly prickling at the OBvIOUS implications here. She thought he was going mad. How DARE she. HOW--- okay, well, he KNEW talking about the voices sounded mad, and this, see, this was why he never talked about his work! "I can explain," he added in a hurry. "Just... outside." Where there were fewer chances of being overheard. One could never be too careful....

Er, did he just do the paranoid-going-mad-thing again....?

He shook his head to himself. She was talking again, about something else this time. "Sometimes," he admitted. "I like taking walks at night, when I can't sleep." Why did he admit this? Was this something crazy people did? "I, I just got a flat to myself...." Errr again should he be telling her this? "Do you still live with your brother?" Clever move, Davie. Divert the conversation back to Jessica, since she liked to talk.

He trailed after her, tucking his hands in his pockets and keeping just a few steps behind so his long legs didn't propel him ahead. Ah, uh huh. "Oh." So, this was a pity walk then, is that what she was saying? He couldn't interpret this subtext correctly, unfortunately. There weren't enough cups of coffee in the world to wake Davie's brain up and teach it how to talk to women. "Okay then, we'll....'do'....lunch."

That was the phrase, yes? He even put little air quotes around 'do' with his long fingers, returning his hands to his pockets again so he could stew properly in silence.
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post

"Explain what?" she asked as she began to head out. It was weird, and it made Jessica look around for other people because of the way he was behaving. Almost as if he didn't want anyone to know he was having these issues, perhaps? Maybe he wanted the utmost privacy to discuss things. Jessica could understand.

She held open the door for him..."After you."
The ride in the lifts had been quiet. Jessica hadn't wanted to permeate it with her worry, so she just had remained with her arms crossed, listening to the voice as she announced the levels.

And soon enough, they were taking their walk in the park. It was nice to be out in fresh air. "Lunch...should we do every day or just...a few times a week?" she asked. "I don't mind every day. It'll be nice to speak to someone outside my department," she said casually. Not that disliked anyone there but...yeah. Same old faces, right?

And now they were outside... "So what's going on?" He had said once they were outside he'd explain. "Feel any better now?" she asked as she glanced at him. The park was somewhat empty, with it being the middle of a work day, and the sun was peeking out from behind some clouds shyly. It was the time of the year where the breezes had begun to get colder, but it was not yet the harsh winter it would become. Fall was quite nice, wasn't it?

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