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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
In-the-right-place…was the woman sincere or was she being facetious? He couldn’t really tell. Because this area looked nothing like how he remembered DMIC to look. And he was pretty certain (despite not remembering her name) that she didn’t work in international relations. He leaned in closer to the sign.

Annnnddd promptly realized he had been staring at the DIMC sign for the past 10 minutes. Man, did he feel stupid. He certainly wasn’t going to tell Zita about this when he talked to her later. Not happening. Then again, she would probably find it funny and he did enjoy making her laugh. He realized he was lost in thoughts as Grace or Graines continued chatting about apparition emergencies. Ah, yes, now he remembered. Grae was her name. Hey, he was close wasn’t he? Nope – not at all. He pulled his glasses off and rubbed at his eyes with back of his hand. ”Sound busy. Hope you vere not ze one seeking healzz help.” He had no idea what her normal work-day entailed. For all he knew, St. Mungo’s was a normal stop on her daily checklist of things to do. As for him? Well, he’d spent the morning working on a love potion –only to have it blow up in his face. Luckily, he kept a supply of antidote for the potion on hand, or else he’d probably be down in his office trying to kiss a fish. Or worse – Laurel. He shuddered at the thought.

He of course, couldn’t tell Grae about the love potion, so instead he popped his glasses back on his face and then (looking in the wrong direction) said, ”Schtill trying to simple ze volfsbane potion.” It was his go-to conversational topic. It wasn’t work related so it was fair game, yet still let people know he was a potioneer. Some people didn’t like to discuss Lycanthropy, but Adam was raised, despite his family history, to think of those infected as victims, not threats. Therefore it was a topic he didn’t shy away from. Also, it was his life’s goal to make the potion more accessible to those who needed it. He’d determined that in order to do so, the potion needed to be easier to brew and, well, tasting better wouldn’t hurt right?
"It wasn't me, thank Merlin!" she replied with a shake of her head. "I just had to accompany a young wizard who left his right foot in the Atrium. And on his first try! I felt bad for him." He had been so excited to get his apparition license, but he couldn't even make it past the first practical test. And why was it that they seemed to be leaving parts of their lower appendages behind lately? When Grae first started at the Ministry, the most common splinching happened with little parts of the face like eyebrows or earlobes. But in the past month, she'd seen a toenail, a shin, and now an entire foot. Strange indeed.

She raised her eyebrows at Adam's mention of the wolfsbane potion. "A very fascinating cause," Grae said, although she was fairly certain he was lying. Wouldn't it be exciting to sneak into the DoM one day to find out what they were working on down there? Of course, she'd never actually do anything like that - she treasured her job too much. But it was an entertaining idea. "Rumors were swirling about a werewolf attack a few months ago at Primrose Hill, which I thought was odd, because what in the world was a werewolf doing in the middle of London? Although it could have been those gossipy old witches in my building just stirring up drama again." Thankfully, Grae had never encountered a real werewolf before, and she hoped to keep it that way. Nevertheless, the news about a werewolf roaming the city unnerved her.

A glance down at her watch told her that she should get back to her office soon, as she had a few appointments this afternoon that she needed to prepare for. But she would much rather make small talk than return to her looming pile of apparition exams, so she figured she'd hang around for a few more minutes. "So I'm assuming you're fixing your VISA because you have some exciting travels coming up? Where to?" She wondered if he was heading home to Germany or somewhere else completely. Grae really wasn't trying to be nosy, even though it often came across that way - she just never got the chance to travel herself, so she liked to live vicariously through other people.
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