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Overstuffed Armchair

“Sit. And Wait!” Hissed Gregory’s Gran. While his parents were away on holiday, the nine year old had to stay with his least favorite family member. As he sat, he watched her hobble to the fireplace, throw a stack of papers into the dancing flames, and slowly step back from the heat. The papers were ash in no time.

Gregory knew better than to ask what it was she had burned; the armchair he was sitting in was infamous. Whether it was used as a punishment or just a spot to make her grandchildren sit in while she did her business, Gregory always found himself shifting around uncomfortably in it after a while. Once, while she had berated the house elf upstairs, Gregory had been made to sit here for an entire hour and a half. He heard every whimper, every horrible noise he could imagine a house elf making, and he hadn’t moved.

At this moment, though, he was watching her curiously.

“Stay there, boy, until dinner is ready. I do not have time to entertain you.”

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