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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
One of the many things that sucked about having your eyesight ruined by an imploding star was how easy it was to get lost. Another? Mismatched socks. Worst? The horrible coke-bottle glasses he now wore that made him look incredibly hot dorky and did very little to actually help him see. All three were plaguing Adam this afternoon, along with an itchy scalp, but that wasn’t the imploding star’s fault. No, he was quite certain the itchy scalp was courtesy of the new shampoo his girlfriend had insisted he try.

He had been trying to find Level 5 again. He had encountered difficulties of a different nature that last time he had attempted to go home for a visit and he had a feeling it was something with his VISA paperwork. He had attempted to update it a month ago, but the lady who had helped in DIMC had seemed a little off…why? He hadn’t been able to place why, but she sure had talked about him smelling funny.

And speaking of smelling funny – why yes, Adam did actually smell funny today. Perhaps to you it smelt like burnt toasted marshmallows? Or a sugary-Carmel flavor? To Adam, he smelt normal. It was hard to sniff yourself after all. He scratched at his hair line as he tried to read the sign in front of him. While the itch was from the shampoo, the smell was from the mild love potion that was dotting his shirt. He’d cleaned up most of it, but some still lingered.

And the sign? Yeah, that he couldn’t make out. Stupid glasses/eyes.
Refreshed from her afternoon coffee and chitchat at the DERP cafe, Grae felt like she could take on the world. So what that she had to help rush a young wizard to St. Mungo's after a dreadful splinching incident during his apparition exam earlier today? So what that she had to apparate all the way to Mojave Desert to pick up a student who took the exam question "How would you go about apparating to someplace warm?" a bit too literally. So what that she would probably be at the office until midnight tonight, sifting through the piles of exam results? (After all, summer was the busiest time of year for apparition licensing.) None of it mattered, because she was caffeinated and socialized - her favorite combination.

Her heels click-clacked on the floor as she made her way through the corridor, rifling through a folder of upcoming exam appointments. But the witch stopped in front of Level 5 at the sight of a man wearing a pair of very....well, interesting glasses. The spectacles didn't seem to be doing the man much of a service, as he was still squinting at the DIMC sign. "Can I help you find something?" Perhaps he was lost. Maybe he was a late bloomer waiting to take his apparition test? Grae did recall seeing a non-teenager on the schedule for today.

The man's identity didn't click until he reached up to scratch his hair. "Adam?!" Grae exclaimed as she finally recognized the unspeakable. "I'm so sorry, I didn't recognize you with your new glasses! What are you doing all the way up here?" It seemed rare whenever DoM employees made their way to the middle or upper levels. Grae imagined they were just holed up in their secret chambers all day. She tucked her folder under her arm, wrinkling her nose at an unusual smell. The hallways always had a distinct odor, but was that....baked goods she detected?

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