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Text Cut: Tomasz
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
In any case, Tomasz was not trying to sneak. He was far too sleep deprived to even consider doing so (not that he would have a need). As it was, the only thing on his mind was getting some caffeine into his system. Something to make the hours of his shift go by at a faster pace. Rubbing his eyes, and hoping that his supervisors were nowhere to be present, he looked at the cart and considered his options.

"Yes. I have noticed that also," he nodded in agreement. Tomasz had never bothered to grab a cup for himself, but he had noticed the line on occasion. Talking was helping to keep him awake, just as much as the coffee likely would. "Yyy... I am not sure what is good. Have you tried the coffee before?" He seemed like he knew what he was doing far better than Tomasz did. It was worth a shot. He always found it difficult to be the first to step into an unfamiliar situation. Ordering coffee counted as one of those.

”Oui,” he replied in a manner that might have sounded short. ”Eet eez bettair than most café een ze buildeng.” Which wasn’t saying much in Valentin’s opinion, especially since the coffee from this particular cart usually came with a side of unsolicited adventure and extra dry cleaning bills. He turned to observe the younger man standing next to him. Dark circles under his eyes aside, the man was half-way decent looking; it was hard for Valentin to get past the bags under his eyes. Perhaps, the man could use a day off? Not that Valentin was in any position to make that happen. Besides, he expected that with all the Roller business and the graffiti reports, the Ministry was keeping Law Enforcement busy. Valentin’s brown eyes took in the young man’s badge on his lapel. Good, at least the Ministry wasn’t skimping on Security in the busiest part of the Ministry.

"Ai sugges,” he offered, assuming from the young man’s questions that he wasn’t a big coffee drinker. ”A Café moka (mocha).” Pause. ” You like choculate oui?” Because who didn’t like chocolate. As for him? He’d stick with his cappuccino. ”Come.” He stepped forward, motioning for the young man to follow, and then quickly ordered and paid for the two drinks before he could be told no. Perhaps this would be the day that his unlucky coffee curse would be broken.
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