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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
It had been approximately two years since Valentin had attempted to get a coffee from the cart here in the Minsitryís Atrium. It seemed like bad luck came with every cup he got from this place, and yet, here he was, debating whether or not he wanted to try and get a cappichino. He really should just take the phone booth up and walk around the corner to the muggle coffee shop he had found not long after his battle with the giant spiders in Diagon Alley. And yes, that battle had been post-coffee collecting from this particular cart. But taking the phone booth up, just seemed like a LOT of work today. If there was one thing Valentin didnít like to do? Put in extra effort when he really didnít need to.

So here he stood, one hand tucked into his pocket. He was perhaps a little to close to the fountain, but a least nobody could really sneak u on him, unless they decided to wade through the water to get to him.
Despite being on his rounds, keeping his eyes open was becoming an increasingly difficult task. He had very little sleep last night, a strange recurring nightmare he hasn't been able to shake. Ultimately, he had decided against trying to sleep again, knowing better than to trust himself to wake with his alarm. This, of course, meant that he made it to his security shift on time, but it also meant that he was a sleepwalking zombie.

Of course he knew he could grab himself a cup of coffee, it was in the most accessible place. Unfortunately, time was as difficult to find as a good night's sleep. Doing another round past the fountain, he looked down at his watch to notice that it was just about time for his five minute break. Excellent. He made his way over to the coffee cart. Though it wouldn't be able to diminish the dark circles underneath his eyes, hopefully it would give him enough energy to make it through the rest of his shift.

"Yyy.. Hello," he bowed his head slightly, offering the other man a slight smile. "Coffee is popular today?" He joked.

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