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Fall 2101

For two years, Bernadette had styled herself as the Muggle Studies Teaching Assistant to Finneas Schmoe. In year three, she grew bold, and came to collect her “teaching stipend.”

”Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with the salary you deserve. So errr… Though I do not want to, I must let you go.”

“You're going to LET ME GO?!” Bernie choked and began sobbing. Bismillah! No! “PLEAAAAAAAAASE, SIR, you CANNOT LET ME GO!!!!!!”

Stuck in her beanbag, she opened her swollen eyes, looked up to the skies and saw what she had to say:

“THIS. IS. ALL. I. HAVE!!!!!!!!!”

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A special thank you goes out to my dear darling friend Ariana (ArianaBlack) who inspired this entire thread and also whose character, Professor Finneas Schmoe, puts up with THE MOST. #ThanksAriFerrari :3
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