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.......then it was a good thing they had not met at a Ministry function or she may have compared him to a horror movie.

"Herjenmie here is an Eurasian eagle-owl," ZachaŽl replied, all eyes on how owl companion and with the sort of tone one may associate with a lounge performer. Some easy listening, so to speak. "Also known as the European eagle-owl and occasionally abbreviated to just the eagle-owl. Among the world's largest owls and most striking thanks to their pumpkin orange eyes and feathery ear tufts." To which at that precise moment he gave Herjenmie's affectionate caresses. "His wingspan is just about 1.8 meters, which is just shy of my own height." Give or take a bit seeing as ZachaŽl was quite the tree himself. "He came with the shop," the man replied with a shake of his head, and some more tossing of the curls, as his gaze shifted back to her to offer further explanation. "I'm the current manager of the Owl Post, ZachaŽl Lufkin. Enchantť." And he offered his hand to her to take.

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