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As his former co-workers at the zoo could tell anyone, ZachaŽl had a unique perspective on fashion with an unintentionally loud flare to it. He happened to like a good print and overall bohemian chic vibe, something that Sophia often labeled as tragic before fusing over something or other and informing him how best to correct his attire to look more presentable. He supposed he should trust her judgement seeing as she was an icon of a fashion designer, plus having his best interests at heart, but his newest customer turned friend simply had different tastes than himself.

That was the story and he was sticking to it.

He hardly felt comfortable in the corporate threads so often thrust upon him.

Nothing remotely close to those nearby now, however. Not while he was at the park enjoying some yoga.

Lifting his head a bit and tossing some of those chocolate curls of his back a bit, he first looked to the charming woman and then over at Herjenmie who had decided that just then was the perfect time to prune some loose feathers. "He certainly is. Magnificent, isn't he?" the shopkeeper nodded before shifting his position to sit on his mat, coming to center and stretching his arms up a bit just to get the blood flowing again. "As long as you are gentle and slow with your hand, Herjenmie will let you pet him if you fancy. He is particularly fond of his breast feathers being stroked."

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