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Roll Call

“Hear hear hear!” Pansy used her miniature gavel to call the meeting to order. “Snakes of the Midnight Order! Meeting has started!”

The first year snakes all gathered in a circle, Vincent seated directly next to Draco as he looked up at Pansy. He would do his best not to tease Draco about her right in front of her face, but the temptation was very strong today.

It was not an official club, but the first years had decided to band together in order to deal with the VERY rude seventh years who would push them around the common room. It made him feel like he was a part of something bigger, something united.

“Roll call! Crabbe!” Vincent raised his hand, choosing not to say a word as everyone looked at him. He wasn’t the shy one, though, no. That was Gregory. But you couldn’t really miss him, either, so there was no use in wasting his voice.

Were the seventh years ready for retaliation?

STOP. DROP. Shut 'em and open up SHOP.
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