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Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Namaste, Eureka bowed her head at him. He definitely was stressed out, look at his delayed recognition of her and all. "Oooh, that sounds heavy." Black market sales. She appreciated she didn't have to deal with such heavy subjects and regulations. Imagine being someone responsible to build a whole security system for endangered species. That was tough. "I agree on the corridors smelling foul," she smiled a little though. "I am quite used to weird smells. Some of the plants I work with are hybrids in-vitro, so the smells are usually anything but natural." The good news was she wasn't going to invite him over to her lab work any time soon.

Oh, oops. She laughed nervously, patting down her hair but not making it better. "Oh, yeah. Not really. I'm just reviewing some research already ongoing or shelved in the department. It's all new to me still, I need more time to wrap my head around it. Where were you going?" Or doing...

Indeed it was heavy. But it was not the first time he had dealt with smuggling and it definitely would not be the last. All in a day’s work of being an Ambassador. But Sachin was not going to let his issues come in between him and Eureka having a conversation. As usual, he was quite intrigued about her work. “What’s the weirdest smells you’ve ever come across?’’ And as always, he was curious about her present assignments. “Working on anything exciting?”

Sachin grinned. “So catching up then? How’s that going?’’ The man knew that Eureka was still fairly new and that sometimes taking in everything about a job could be stressful. Maybe that had been why her hair had been a mess. “On my way to see Conley to give him an update on the Phoenix situation.” Sachin lowered his voice. “It’s the perfect excuse to see him too.’' But really, he and Conley kept things professional while at the Ministry.
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