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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
St. James Park. One of the only places she had found in London to be tolerable, thus far. Work was decent and she didn't hate her job, although she was unhappy to be specifically working in Quidditch where far too many names were familiar and people she had met previously. This made her job easy, but she didn't particularly enjoy the attempts at personal questions. It was good she was decent at deflection. But here, at the park, she was free to destress and choose from going for a run on one of the main trails offered, or sitting by one of the lakes to observe the pelicans or the waterfall.

Today, her agenda was the waterfall. Rosemary meandered her way through St. James Park, cup of coffee in her hand and her bag over her arm with a couple of magazines inside, which she made her way to a bench closest to the waterfall so she could just sit, relax and observe. She sat herself down, sipping on her coffee until it was half way finished and she decided it was time to pull out her magazines.

She had grabbed a couple of fashion magazines, as she was determined to make a list of what would be the best styles for her youngest cousin. She had promised Aug she would take him shopping over the summer, and she wanted to ensure she had a good list of what styles to try first for maximum time efficiency and results. She spread her magazines out on the bench beside her, before pulling out a notebook and a pen as well in order to make notes for herself.
It had been some time since he had last visited St. James park and it all had everything to do with the lost currency from the Owl Post. The deficit in theft alone had been staggering, but when adding in the damages to his establishment along with the care and rehabilitation of the owls...his business had been teetering along the red zone for months. He of course had sympathies for the plight of Hogwarts, but parents sending letters and care packages to their children during the term was the bulk of the business...and there had been zero income in that field since December. The holidays had likewise been low income with everyone moping and staying close to home, the lack of enthusiasm for personalized stationary and Christmas card putting another dent in finances.

It was a wonder he had not pulled all of his hair out from the stress.

Thankfully, he liked his hair entirely too much to put it through such abuse.

Today, however, ZachaŽl had arrived at the park some time ago accompanied by Herjenmie the eagle owl who had perched himself on a stone nearby where the former Slytherin was performing a bit of yoga - sans shirt because of course. Shifting into a King Pigeon position, the shopkeeper had his eyes closed and was focused on his breathing when the eagle owl took notice of the woman arriving to the bench nearby and gave a sturdy HOOT HOOT while staring.

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