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Pay It Forward

Diagon always filled up quickly as mid July hit. Packs of children that were normally trapped at school wandered the street with pockets full of gold or lack thereof. It was a pleasantly cool day even with the sun high in the sky, and Gregory waited his turn in line with Pansy at Florean’s. She prattled on about her holiday, and Gregory hoped for Vincent and Draco to meet back with them soon. The other boys had gone to Gringotts with their parents; Gregory had already done so the previous week and had jingling pockets.

“And so, I told Victoria, I did, that her new hair color just did NOT suit her and - “

Gregory grunted. “Pansy, what do you want?” he asked gruffly, and intrusively.

Pansy sent him a look of surprise. “Oh. Uh. I guess vanilla.” Gregory snorted because she WOULD order vanilla.

When it was their turn, the employee informed Gregory that the man in front of them had paid for their order. It made Gregory feel all funny in his bones.

“Oh. Er. Cool.” He muttered.

“You should pay for the blokes behind us,” Pansy whispered. “Pay it forward.”

And so, Gregory did.

STOP. DROP. Shut 'em and open up SHOP.
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