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Gregory and Vincent watched as Draco devoured an entire strawberry and cream cheese cupcake in front of them. In fact, Vincent couldn't STOP staring at Draco as he indulged in it.

"Do you two WANT one then? You won't quit staring at me!"

"We caaaaaan't, Draco. We're on a diet." Vincent pat his stomach sadly.

Gregory melted off his chair onto the floor, groaning loudly. The Great Hall was fairly empty, so his display of misery went unnoticed by many. "Diet." Was all he said.

"Diet? Who cares. You're Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle," Draco waved their excuses away. "You've just got...big bones!" Gregory mooaaaaaned something incoherent under the table, hugging the chair leg. "When was the last time you ate a cupcake?"

Vincent sighed. "....It's been about two hours. Gregory's got withdrawals. It'll be okay. We're all right, mate. It's for our HEALTH, not our weight. We're no use to you - or anyone - if we're unhealthy!" He then nudged Gregory with his foot. "Come on, mate. Let's not wallow about. Just gotta' pump some IRON, right?" he grinned.

Gregory just siiiiiiiiighed and crawled back into his chair.

STOP. DROP. Shut 'em and open up SHOP.
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