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"Vince - GREG - let's GOOOO we're going to be late for the feast!" Draco had left his trunk for one of them to pull since it was enormous compared to the blonde's stature. Gregory exchanged looks with Vincent before he grabbed it and pulled it along with his.

However, it seemed they had to ride in BOATS to get to the castle, and Gregory eyed the small boat as if it were about to bite him. "Well get in, then," Draco said as he scooted all the way to the front of the boat.

"I don't like boats," Gregory said gently.

"So? We're not going to turn over. Bet these are magically charmed to handle our weight," he shrugged and scoffed at his friend. "Don't be such a baby! Get in, Gregory!" A waddle of spit flew from Draco’s mouth as he commanded it.

Vincent made room for Gregory, and timidly, the taller of boys finally made his way in. The boat wobbled just a smidge, but soon they were off across the black glass that was the lake. They rode in relative silence, Draco only breaking it to point out the flaws of other first years floating by.

STOP. DROP. Shut 'em and open up SHOP.
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