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Default Reception and Waiting Area

Is there a problem? Did you witness a crime? Have something to report? Stop by the reception desk and someone will help you as soon as they can. There's an instant coffee machine shoved off in one corner with a few chairs. Fill out one of the forms by the coffee machine and send it by paper airplane to the division you are seeking, or to the individual you wish to speak with.

Through the door to the left is a work area for Work areas, as well as the Magical Forensics Lab, a janitor's closet, and access to the Lifts and Direct Floos to the right you can walk through booking and interrogation with the Holding cells, the Conference Room, and the Department Head's Office. You may not enter these areas unless you are accompanied by an MLE employee.

Feel free to help yourself to the coffee while you wait.

OOC: Everyone and anyone is welcome to RP here! Our receptionist is a NPC (non-playable character) by the name of Muriel. She's efficient and quiet (because obviously there's nobody RPing her! If you address her nobody will respond.) If your character is here to visit with a DMLE employee, you can feel free to post on through to the appropriate area, (just make sure you start by coming through here!) Alternatively if you wish to create your own RP, report a crime or anything like that, feel free to PM the Department Head and we can try to figure something out for you! If nobody responds to you in due time, please send a PM or VM to one of the active employees!