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hiiiii !!! I finished a book before the end of a book of the month. Also, I think the only other John Green book that I've read is Looking for Alaska, which was like ages ago I have A fault in our stars and Abundance of Katherines, but yea XD So I listened to this via audiobook and wow.

SPOILER!!: i still don't know

I enjoyed it. I've never been to Indianapolis but my idea of the midwest is middle-of-nowhere and this story did capture that. Also the characters were definitely intriguing to learn about and I think i enjoyed getting to hear the arc and the mental health that Aza struggled with and was working to overcome. She had a good support system though. Also I feel like some of the mental health gave me crazy ex girlfriend vibes in how John Green was able to discuss it in a mostly tactful way and basically to say you're not alone. The ending gave me feels too about the maturity with Davis and his brother choosing to not be selfish despite having everything ... and the ending about love. The friendship. That despite everything, life goes on. And no one says goodbye unless they want to seeee you again and likeeee what??? Does that mean that Davis and Aza end up together? Meeting each other again?? or they'll just always be apart of each others lives? It was slow to start, but so worth it once it really got into the story.
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