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Default Quidditch in the Movies
~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Marvel-ous Patronus

No doubt when we first read the books, we were in awe of Quidditch. I know I was! We would each have pictured a game as we read based on the descriptions given to us by Jo. We got to see those descriptions come to life on screen first in 2001 with the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Tell us your thoughts: did the movies' version live up to your expectations? Were the hoops, balls' designs, players' robes etc done justice? The pitch? The arena for seating? Are you a yay or nay for the technology used to construct the scenes?

Extra: Below is an excerpt from an article on should you wish to read more on how the Quidditch scenes are filmed.

Every actor is filmed seperately, so even if they appear to be talking to each other in the scene, they're probably not in real life. A computer program determines where the broom rig moves, so even though it looks like the actors are steering it, they're acually just trying to hold on. The actors are up there for hours, and the brooms, as you can imagine, get uncomfortable.

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