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Text Cut: Anna <3
Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
"Of course, this is London!" She replied with an amused smile. "Some companies have loads of different lines, some others only have about... two, I think? Oh, and I think there's one that even has a line that goes through the Tames, if you're interested in being on a boat?" She added, chuckling and nodding at his homework comment. Options galore to choose from!

Anna had to admit the fact he turned bright red before giving his answer made her extremely curious and she tilted her head once more as she looked at him. As soon as the next words came out of his mouth, she couldn't help but gasp rather LOUDLY as her jaw dropped and eyes widened. His embarrassment only made it all much funnier too! "Seriously!?!?" She exclaimed before clapping her hands and tossing her head back as she LAUGHED out loud. "This is brilliant!" And HILARIOUS, if you asked her! She looked back at him, highly amused. "WAIT, so you'll be dressed as a falcon through the entire games!?" Merlin, that would be SO FUNNY!!! "That's amazing!!" And HILARIOUS, had she said that yet?? "When do you start!?" She would DEFINITELY be in the look out for the falcon when she played the Falcons, LOL.

Okay, OKAY, so his hair was still messy. So her looking at it wouldn't fix it, and clearly he wasn't doing a very good job at fixing it himself. That put her in an awkward position, didn't it? If she let it, maybe he'd be embarrassed - and not in the funny way as it happened when he told her about being a new Quidditch mascot - when he eventually realised it, and also other people would look at him and find it odd. Again, not exactly in a good way. She couldn't do that to him, right? No, she couldn't. So Anna to the rescue excuses, excuses. Reaching up as if it was the most normal thing ever, she fixed his hair to its former state before the blanket incident. As she retracted her hand, she was pleasantly surprised at the fact she wasn't feeling awkward at all for having done that. Of course, she didn't look him in the eyes while fixing his hair because THAT would've made it very awkward for sure.

She nearly waved a dismissive hand when he said he wasn't sure what she ate, because really, she pretty much ate anything. But that was probably not something one should be proud of, necessarily, right? "Ooohh, good thinking!" Anna said anyway, because that had been an excellent idea. The more the merrier! She watched as he pulled things out of the basket, her eyes twinkling at ALL THE FOOD. Her excited smile grew more amused as he kept pulling more and more food out, and she couldn't help but to bounce a little in excitement. "Wow, this is amazing!" She was ready to TUCK IN, but ahem, she'd wait for him to go first. No need to act like an animal, eh? There was enough for for the both of them and more!

The gasp. The jaw drop. Kalen wasn’t really sure what to make of her reaction to his news. Perhaps she thought associating with the lowly man in a mascot costume was below her or put her in a compromising or embarrassing position as a quidditch player? Maybe she’d think her teammates would think it a conflict of interest? He had been given the option of the Falcons or the Tornados, but he had thought that picking her team would be a bit stalker-ish. And besides? What would happen if things didn’t work out between them?

He was pulled out of his thoughts by the laughter. Umm…..she was laughing. Aannnnnddd clapping?! If it was possible, he turned a bit redder. As much as he loved the sound of her laugh, he wasn’t sure if he believed that she really thought it was brilliant. ”Yes,” he said trying not to sound put off by the laughing. Maybe he had jut shocked her with the news. After all, he’d sorta been dared into going to the tryouts. And he hadn’t expected for a moment to actually get the job. But it paid! And paid decently for a part-time gig. ”Big ol’ bird head and wings.” He made a small flapping movement with his arms (a-la the chicken dance). ”I think the costume even has tail feathers.” When did he start? Good questions. ”Ah….next home game of the season.” He didn’t have to do too many games on the road, thankfully. That might have made his studies harder.

He didn’t even realize she was fixing his hair until she was almost done. In fact, it was probably a good thing she had reached up and done it, because the touch calmed a bit of his anxiety about the mascot thing. Instead he turned his focus to the food. ”So,” he cleared his throat and popped the top on the strawberry lemonade and poured them each a glass. ”Food… tuck in.” He popped a cherry into his mouth and a moment later spit the pit out towards the pod and it was only after he was done spitting that he realized he probably shouldn’t have done that because his mom’s voice rang in his head about how spitting was not proper (and gross).
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