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inspiration Create This Book by YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth, SSRPG character Minerva Darling (Samia)
materials Ohuhu alcohol markers, printer paper, white uni-ball signo pen um-153

I have not been feeling well the past couple of days so today, while I have been vertical, I unplugged and tried to draw something I have had swimming around in my head ever since doing the Leo constellation interpretation. This concept came from an RP situation in which Samia's character, Minerva Darling, dove down under the sea and popped back up with a shell for my character Victor García Massey. It was a moment that was certainly a turning point for my character with regards to their relationship and this shell became one of the few possessions he allows himself to keep - long story short there is that the man lives out of a backpack that he does not perform any extension charms on.

The how-to was pretty straightforward this time: did a light sketch of the shell, erased it so the lines were faint, went over things with my markers and....attempts were made at shading, dot dot dot dot with the sand, and gradient blending for the water. I used my uni-ball pen to add some texture to the shell itself along with adding some of those underwater flecks. I was going to try and draw some rays from the sun to give the water more texture buuuuuuuuuuuuut I absolutely chickened out. Something to practice in the future, water and giving water some depth/texture.

It was entirely unintentional that the blue from the underwater side and the blue from the sky side lined up and sort of blend together, but it had a really nice effect and aesthetic to the completed pages. After all, space may be the final frontier, the ocean may be the greater mystery

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