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Took this quiz and I'm interested by these results. See spoiler. I guess I have to watch Superbad now!!

Jules (Superbad): 89%
Bo Peep (Toy Story): 86%
Kasidy Yates (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 85%
Becca (Superbad): 83%
Maid Marian (Robin Hood): 83%
Rachel Chu (Crazy Rich Asians): 82%
Sophie (This Is Us): 82%
Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham (Downton Abbey): 81%
Nala (The Lion King): 81%
Esme Cullen (Twilight): 81%
Pam Beesly (The Office): 80%
Georgiana Darcy (Pride and Prejudice): 80%
Ann Perkins (Parks and Recreation): 80%
Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights): 80%
Rebecca Pearson (This Is Us): 80%
Joey Lucas (The West Wing): 79%
Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter): 78%
Donna Moss (The West Wing): 78%
Jadzia Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 78%
Janet Fraiser (Stargate SG-1): 78%
Jim Halpert (The Office): 77%
Dr. Ellie Sattler (Jurassic Park): 77%
Lady Sybil Crawley (Downton Abbey): 76%
Ken Cosgrove (Mad Men): 76%
Nick Young (Crazy Rich Asians): 76%
Norma Jennings (Twin Peaks): 76%
Cho Chang (Harry Potter): 75%
Jane Bennet (Pride and Prejudice): 75%
Donna Pinciotti (That 70's Show): 75%
Anna Bates (Downton Abbey): 75%
Beth Pearson (This Is Us): 75%
Jake Sisko (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 74%
Derek Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy): 74%
Astrid Leong-Teo (Crazy Rich Asians): 74%
Mrs. Hudson (Sherlock): 74%
Monica Hall (Silicon Valley): 74%
Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1): 74%
Marmee March (Little Women): 74%
Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter): 73%
Sam Seaborn (The West Wing): 72%
C. J. Cregg (The West Wing): 72%
Arthur (Inception): 72%
Charles Bingley (Pride and Prejudice): 71%
Julian Bashir (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 71%
Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead): 71%
Aaron Samuels (Mean Girls): 71%
Meg March (Little Women): 71%
Beth March (Little Women): 71%
Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones): 70%
Abbey Bartlet (The West Wing): 70%
Marge Simpson (The Simpsons): 70%
Inara Serra (Firefly + Serenity): 70%
Kaylee Frye (Firefly + Serenity): 70%
Rita Bennett (Dexter): 70%
Ilsa Lund (Casablanca): 70%
Ariadne (Inception): 70%
Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 69%
Peggy Carter (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 69%
Melinda Warner (Law & Order: SVU): 69%
Phyllis Lapin (The Office): 68%
Ty Lee (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 68%
Sun-Hwa Kwon (LOST): 68%
Kitty Forman (That 70's Show): 68%
Princess Leia (Star Wars): 68%
Julie Taylor (Friday Night Lights): 68%
Alice Cullen (Twilight): 68%
Rachel Green (Friends): 67%

Charlie Young (The West Wing): 67%
Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 67%
Elsie Carson (Downton Abbey): 67%
Bernadette Rostenkowski (The Big Bang Theory): 67%
Charlotte York (Sex and the City): 67%
Rhonda Pearlman (The Wire): 67%
Beatrice 'Beadie' Russell (The Wire): 67%
Rachel Dawes (The Dark Knight): 67%
Lucius Fox (The Dark Knight): 67%
Joan Holloway (Mad Men): 67%
Colin Khoo (Crazy Rich Asians): 67%
Molly Hooper (Sherlock): 67%
The Oracle (The Matrix): 67%
Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons): 66%
Annie Edison (Community): 66%
Billy Keikeya (Battlestar Galactica): 66%
Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU): 66%
Jordan Baker (The Great Gatsby): 66%
Donald Mallard (NCIS): 66%
Molly Weasley (Harry Potter): 65%
Simba (The Lion King): 65%
Taystee Jefferson (Orange is the New Black): 65%
Lyla Garrity (Friday Night Lights): 65%
Samwell Tarly (Game of Thrones): 64%
Miles O'Brien (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 64%
Leonard Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory): 64%
Lester Freamon (The Wire): 64%
Karen Smith (Mean Girls): 64%
Amy March (Little Women): 64%
Theodore Laurence (Little Women): 64%
Carlisle Cullen (Twilight): 64%
Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld): 64%
Jimmy Palmer (NCIS): 64%
Francis Mulcahy (M*A*S*H): 64%
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter): 63%
Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice): 63%
Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 63%
Addison Montgomery (Grey's Anatomy): 63%
Flynn White (Breaking Bad): 63%
Merry Brandybuck (Lord of the Rings): 63%
Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings): 63%
Penny (The Big Bang Theory): 63%
Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation): 63%
Maggie Hart (True Detective): 63%
Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games): 63%
Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City): 63%
Alfred Pennyworth (The Dark Knight): 63%
Anastasia Dualla (Battlestar Galactica): 63%
Dana Scully (The X-Files): 63%
Ms. Sharon Norbury (Mean Girls): 63%
Jack Pearson (This Is Us): 63%
Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly (M*A*S*H): 63%
Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter): 62%
Kelly Erin Hannon (The Office): 62%
Juliet Burke (LOST): 62%
Steve Brady (Sex and the City): 62%
Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): 62%
Shelly Johnson (Twin Peaks): 62%
Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter): 61%
Claire Littleton (LOST): 61%
Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory): 61%
Hoban Washburne (Firefly + Serenity): 61%
Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica): 61%
Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean): 61%
Little John (Robin Hood): 61%
Terry Jeffords (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): 61%
Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): 61%
Abby Sciuto (NCIS): 61%
Timothy McGee (NCIS): 61%
Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones): 60%
Olenna Tyrell (Game of Thrones): 60%
Josiah Bartlet (The West Wing): 60%
Hakoda (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 60%
Midge Pinciotti (That 70's Show): 60%
Meredith Grey (Grey's Anatomy): 60%
Izzie Stevens (Grey's Anatomy): 60%
Legolas (Lord of the Rings): 60%
Pippin Took (Lord of the Rings): 60%
Mark Brendanawicz (Parks and Recreation): 60%
Zoe Washburne (Firefly + Serenity): 60%
Samantha Jones (Sex and the City): 60%
Elsie Hughes (Westworld): 60%
Lee 'Apollo' Adama (Battlestar Galactica): 60%
Salvatore Romano (Mad Men): 60%
Cordelia Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): 60%
Juliet Capulet (Romeo and Juliet): 60%
Nick Carraway (The Great Gatsby): 60%
Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1): 60%
June George (Mean Girls): 60%
Anthony DiNozzo (NCIS): 60%
Kate Pearson (This Is Us): 60%
Miguel Rivas (This Is Us): 60%
Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter): 59%
Chandler Bing (Friends): 59%
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes (LOST): 59%
George O'Malley (Grey's Anatomy): 59%
Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons): 59%
Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games): 59%
Victor Laszlo (Casablanca): 59%
Cally Henderson (Battlestar Galactica): 59%
Rachel Menken (Mad Men): 59%
Goh Peik Lin (Crazy Rich Asians): 59%
Dr. John Watson (Sherlock): 59%
Nelson Bighetti (Silicon Valley): 59%
Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks): 59%
The Nurse (Romeo and Juliet): 59%
Damian Leigh (Mean Girls): 59%
Friar Tuck (Robin Hood): 59%
Toby Damon (This Is Us): 59%
William H. 'Shakespeare' Hill (This Is Us): 59%
Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones): 58%
Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter): 58%
Daisy Mason (Downton Abbey): 58%
Raj Koothrappali (The Big Bang Theory): 58%
Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation): 58%
Derrial Book (Firefly + Serenity): 58%
Abed Nadir (Community): 58%
Shirley Bennett (Community): 58%
Sheriff Truman (Twin Peaks): 58%
Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby): 58%
Evan (Superbad): 58%
Robin Hood (Robin Hood): 58%
Dagny Taggart (Atlas Shrugged): 58%
Monica Geller (Friends): 57%
Jack Shephard (LOST): 57%
Benjamin Sisko (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 57%
Black Widow (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 57%
Bruce Banner (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 57%
Ned Flanders (The Simpsons): 57%
Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings): 57%
Lady Edith Crawley (Downton Abbey): 57%
Simon Tam (Firefly + Serenity): 57%
Mufasa (The Lion King): 57%
Jared Dunn (Silicon Valley): 57%
Ed (Cowboy Bebop): 57%
Julia (Cowboy Bebop): 57%
Woody (Toy Story): 57%
Elaine Benes (Seinfeld): 57%
Benjamin 'Hawkeye' Pierce (M*A*S*H): 57%
George Weasley (Harry Potter): 56%
Robert Crawley, 7th Earl of Grantham (Downton Abbey): 56%
Lady Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey): 56%
Troy Barnes (Community): 56%
Angel Batista (Dexter): 56%
Vince Masuka (Dexter): 56%
Kima Greggs (The Wire): 56%
Norman Wilson (The Wire): 56%
Harry Crane (Mad Men): 56%
Donna Hayward (Twin Peaks): 56%
Jason Street (Friday Night Lights): 56%
Jake Peralta (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): 56%
Michelle (The Room): 56%
Charlotte Byrde (Ozark): 56%
Jonah Byrde (Ozark): 56%
Catelyn Stark (Game of Thrones): 55%
Robb Stark (Game of Thrones): 55%
Filius Flitwick (Harry Potter): 55%
Tony Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 55%
Black Panther (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 55%
Eric Forman (That 70's Show): 55%
William Mason (Downton Abbey): 55%
Peggy Olson (Mad Men): 55%
Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): 55%
John Hammond (Jurassic Park): 55%
Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks): 55%
Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction): 55%
George Michael Bluth (Arrested Development): 55%
Joey Tribbiani (Friends): 54%
Shannon Rutherford (LOST): 54%
Jackie Burkhart (That 70's Show): 54%
Richard Webber (Grey's Anatomy): 54%
C-3PO (Star Wars): 54%
Clementine Pennyfeather (Westworld): 54%
Pumbaa (The Lion King): 54%
Benvolio (Romeo and Juliet): 54%
George S. Hammond (Stargate SG-1): 54%
Gretchen Wieners (Mean Girls): 54%
Ellen Ripley (Alien): 54%
Charles Boyle (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): 54%
Emmett Cullen (Twilight): 54%
Shae (Game of Thrones): 53%
Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter): 53%
Phoebe Buffay (Friends): 53%
Lydia Bennet (Pride and Prejudice): 53%
Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 53%
Captain Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 53%
Hawkeye (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 53%
Beryl Patmore (Downton Abbey): 53%
Bunk Moreland (The Wire): 53%
Ellis Carver (The Wire): 53%
Felix Lutz (Westworld): 53%
Felix Gaeta (Battlestar Galactica): 53%
Henry Francis (Mad Men): 53%
Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights): 53%
Randall Pearson (This Is Us): 53%
Michael Bluth (Arrested Development): 53%
Davos Seaworth (Game of Thrones): 52%
Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter): 52%
Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 52%
Nog (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 52%
Fez (That 70's Show): 52%
Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (Downton Abbey): 52%
Miranda Hobbes (Sex and the City): 52%
Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski (The Wire): 52%
Bernard Lowe (Westworld): 52%
Charlotte Hale (Westworld): 52%
James Gordon (The Dark Knight): 52%
Lane Pryce (Mad Men): 52%
Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park): 52%
D.I. Greg Lestrade (Sherlock): 52%
Lucy Moran (Twin Peaks): 52%
Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop): 52%
Denny (The Room): 52%
Jake Harper (Two and Half Men): 52%
Ron Weasley (Harry Potter): 51%
Kelly Kapoor (The Office): 51%
Leo McGarry (The West Wing): 51%
Michael Kelso (That 70's Show): 51%
Miranda Bailey (Grey's Anatomy): 51%
Milhouse Van Houten (The Simpsons): 51%
Luke Skywalker (Star Wars): 51%
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars): 51%
Howard Wolowitz (The Big Bang Theory): 51%
Jeff Winger (Community): 51%
Dale Horvath (The Walking Dead): 51%
Maria LaGuerta (Dexter): 51%
Teddy Flood (Westworld): 51%
Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): 51%
Rupert Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): 51%
Richard Hendricks (Silicon Valley): 51%
Trinity (The Matrix): 51%
Dallas (Alien): 51%
Rex (Toy Story): 51%
Piper Chapman (Orange is the New Black): 51%
Flaca Gonzales (Orange is the New Black): 51%
Matt Saracen (Friday Night Lights): 51%
Peter (The Room): 51%
Kevin Pearson (This Is Us): 51%
Maeby Funke (Arrested Development): 51%
Wendy Byrde (Ozark): 51%
Margaret 'Hot Lips' Houlihan (M*A*S*H): 51%
Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones): 50%
Kevin Malone (The Office): 50%
Skyler White (Breaking Bad): 50%
Aragorn (Lord of the Rings): 50%
Gandalf (Lord of the Rings): 50%
Cedric Daniels (The Wire): 50%
Lee Sizemore (Westworld): 50%
Theresa Cullen (Westworld): 50%
William Adama (Battlestar Galactica): 50%
Karl 'Helo' Agathon (Battlestar Galactica): 50%
Betty Draper (Mad Men): 50%
Roger Sterling (Mad Men): 50%
Bert Cooper (Mad Men): 50%
Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park): 50%
Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean): 50%
Cady Heron (Mean Girls): 50%
Parker (Alien): 50%
Lorna Morello (Orange is the New Black): 50%
Landry Clarke (Friday Night Lights): 50%
Charlie Swan (Twilight): 50%
Alan Harper (Two and Half Men): 50%
Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones): 49%
Eddard Stark (Game of Thrones): 49%
Varys (Game of Thrones): 49%
Harry Potter (Harry Potter): 49%
Remus Lupin (Harry Potter): 49%
Josh Lyman (The West Wing): 49%
Peter Jason Quill (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 49%
Cristina Yang (Grey's Anatomy): 49%
Han Solo (Star Wars): 49%
Charlie Carson (Downton Abbey): 49%
Lori Grimes (The Walking Dead): 49%
Maeve Millay (Westworld): 49%
Number Six (Battlestar Galactica): 49%
Galen Tyrol (Battlestar Galactica): 49%
Pete Martell (Twin Peaks): 49%
Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop): 49%
Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop): 49%
Jack O'Neill (Stargate SG-1): 49%
Betsy Heron (Mean Girls): 49%
Fogell (McLovin) (Superbad): 49%
Raymond Holt (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): 49%
Marty Byrde (Ozark): 49%
Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 48%
Charlie Pace (LOST): 48%
Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead): 48%
Gale Hawthorne (The Hunger Games): 48%
Tommy Carcetti (The Wire): 48%
Ashley Stubbs (Westworld): 48%
Ray Arnold (Jurassic Park): 48%
Donald Cragen (Law & Order: SVU): 48%
Neo (The Matrix): 48%
Tyra Collette (Friday Night Lights): 48%
Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones): 47%
Rom (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 47%
Gamora (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 47%
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (The Simpsons): 47%
Anthony Garcia (The Dark Knight): 47%
Stan Rizzo (Mad Men): 47%
Josie Packard (Twin Peaks): 47%
Regina George (Mean Girls): 47%
Nicky Nichols (Orange is the New Black): 47%
Henry Rearden (Atlas Shrugged): 47%
Francisco d'Anconia (Atlas Shrugged): 47%
Helen Seinfeld (Seinfeld): 47%
Berta (Two and Half Men): 47%
Evelyn Harper (Two and Half Men): 47%
Maxwell Klinger (M*A*S*H): 47%
Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones): 46%
Michael Scott (The Office): 46%
Andy Bernard (The Office): 46%
Thor (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 46%
Dr. Strange (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 46%
John Bates (Downton Abbey): 46%
Leslie Winkle (The Big Bang Theory): 46%
Mr. Big (Sex and the City): 46%
Reginald 'Bubbles' Cousins (The Wire): 46%
Bruce Wayne (The Dark Knight): 46%
Timon (The Lion King): 46%
Rick Blaine (Casablanca): 46%
Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii (Battlestar Galactica): 46%
Samuel 'Longshot' Anders (Battlestar Galactica): 46%
Peter Gregory (Silicon Valley): 46%
Ed Hurley (Twin Peaks): 46%
Friar Laurence (Romeo and Juliet): 46%
Robert Fischer (Inception): 46%
Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story): 46%
John Galt (Atlas Shrugged): 46%
Rosalie Hale (Twilight): 46%
Charlie Harper (Two and Half Men): 46%
Bronn (Game of Thrones): 45%
Sirius Black (Harry Potter): 45%
Kate Austen (LOST): 45%
Odo (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 45%
Bart Simpson (The Simpsons): 45%
Craig Pelton (Community): 45%
Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead): 45%
Debra Morgan (Dexter): 45%
Maurice Levy (The Wire): 45%
Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet): 45%
Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS): 45%
Lindsay Bluth Funke (Arrested Development): 45%
Horace Slughorn (Harry Potter): 44%
Elim Garak (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 44%
Kira Nerys (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 44%
Homer Simpson (The Simpsons): 44%
Jane Margolis (Breaking Bad): 44%
Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly + Serenity): 44%
Andrea (The Walking Dead): 44%
Russell 'Stringer' Bell (The Wire): 44%
Dennis 'Cutty' Wise (The Wire): 44%
Dolores Abernathy (Westworld): 44%
Lau (The Dark Knight): 44%
Eleanor Sung-Young (Crazy Rich Asians): 44%
Dinesh Chugtai (Silicon Valley): 44%
Morpheus (The Matrix): 44%
Romeo Montague (Romeo and Juliet): 44%
Walter Skinner (The X-Files): 44%
Jo March (Little Women): 44%
Ellis Wyatt (Atlas Shrugged): 44%
Tobias Funke (Arrested Development): 44%
Jon Snow (Game of Thrones): 43%
Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter): 43%
Dobby (Harry Potter): 43%
Ross Geller (Friends): 43%
Stanley Hudson (The Office): 43%
Sayid Jarrah (LOST): 43%
Jin-Soo Kwon (LOST): 43%
Alex Karev (Grey's Anatomy): 43%
Preston Burke (Grey's Anatomy): 43%
Hank Schrader (Breaking Bad): 43%
Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory): 43%
Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games): 43%
Robert Ford (Westworld): 43%
Logan Delos (Westworld): 43%
Joshamee Gibbs (Pirates of the Caribbean): 43%
Odafin Tutuola (Law & Order: SVU): 43%
Officer Slater (Superbad): 43%
Lambert (Alien): 43%
Buster Bluth (Arrested Development): 43%
Brandon Stark (Game of Thrones): 42%
Ygritte (Game of Thrones): 42%
Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice): 42%
Steven Hyde (That 70's Show): 42%
Gus Fring (Breaking Bad): 42%
Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead): 42%
The Narrator (Fight Club): 42%
Dexter Morgan (Dexter): 42%
Michael Lee (The Wire): 42%
James Norrington (Pirates of the Caribbean): 42%
Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock): 42%
John Munch (Law & Order: SVU): 42%
Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby): 42%
Alex Vause (Orange is the New Black): 42%
Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development): 42%
Rachel Garrison (Ozark): 42%
Petyr Baelish (Game of Thrones): 41%
Edna Krabappel (The Simpsons): 41%
Barney Gumble (The Simpsons): 41%
Marie Schrader (Breaking Bad): 41%
Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad): 41%
River Tam (Firefly + Serenity): 41%
Paul Kinsey (Mad Men): 41%
Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean): 41%
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock): 41%
Jasper Hale (Twilight): 41%
George Wickham (Pride and Prejudice): 40%
James 'Sawyer' Ford (LOST): 40%
Bob Pinciotti (That 70's Show): 40%
Jimmy McGill (Breaking Bad): 40%
Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation): 40%
Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead): 40%
Marla Singer (Fight Club): 40%
D'Angelo Barksdale (The Wire): 40%
Clay Davis (The Wire): 40%
Catherine Martell (Twin Peaks): 40%
Myrtle Wilson (The Great Gatsby): 40%
Teal'c (Stargate SG-1): 40%
Mr. Saito (Inception): 40%
Mark (The Room): 40%
Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction): 40%
Judith Harper-Melnick (Two and Half Men): 40%
Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones): 39%
Asha Greyjoy (Game of Thrones): 39%
Ryan Howard (The Office): 39%
Toby Ziegler (The West Wing): 39%
Loki (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 39%
Ash (Alien): 39%
Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): 39%
Wyatt Langmore (Ozark): 39%
Arya Stark (Game of Thrones): 38%
Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones): 38%
Viktor Krum (Harry Potter): 38%
Desmond Hume (LOST): 38%
Nick Fury (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 38%
Stuart Bloom (The Big Bang Theory): 38%
Mary Cooper (The Big Bang Theory): 38%
The Operative (Firefly + Serenity): 38%
Joey Quinn (Dexter): 38%
Omar Little (The Wire): 38%
Bertram Gilfoyle (Silicon Valley): 38%
Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights): 38%
Lisa (The Room): 38%
Cosmo Kramer (Seinfeld): 38%
Angela Martin (The Office): 37%
Quark (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 37%
Principal Skinner (The Simpsons): 37%
Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad): 37%
April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation): 37%
Ian Duncan (Community): 37%
Haymitch Abernathy (The Hunger Games): 37%
Thomas Matthews (Dexter): 37%
Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight): 37%
Sal Maroni (The Dark Knight): 37%
Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace (Battlestar Galactica): 37%
Elliot Stabler (Law & Order: SVU): 37%
Fox Mulder (The X-Files): 37%
Mal Cobb (Inception): 37%
Red Reznikov (Orange is the New Black): 37%
Bella Swan (Twilight): 37%
Edward Cullen (Twilight): 37%
Meredith Palmer (The Office): 36%
Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 36%
Gimli (Lord of the Rings): 36%
Tyler Durden (Fight Club): 36%
Harry Morgan (Dexter): 36%
Gaius Baltar (Battlestar Galactica): 36%
Don Draper (Mad Men): 36%
Pete Campbell (Mad Men): 36%
Ruth Langmore (Ozark): 36%
Tywin Lannister (Game of Thrones): 35%
Severus Snape (Harry Potter): 35%
Petunia Dursley (Harry Potter): 35%
Robert California (The Office): 35%
Red Forman (That 70's Show): 35%
Marty Hart (True Detective): 35%
Britta Perry (Community): 35%
Jimmy McNulty (The Wire): 35%
Preston 'Bodie' Broadus (The Wire): 35%
Erlich Bachman (Silicon Valley): 35%
Agent Smith (The Matrix): 35%
Janis Ian (Mean Girls): 35%
Seth (Superbad): 35%
Marsellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction): 35%
Jacob Black (Twilight): 35%
George Oscar 'Gob' Bluth (Arrested Development): 35%
Jan Levinson (The Office): 34%
Mrs. Bennet (Pride and Prejudice): 34%
Lady Catherine de Bourgh (Pride and Prejudice): 34%
Boromir (Lord of the Rings): 34%
Ervin Burrell (The Wire): 34%
Clarence Royce (The Wire): 34%
Benjamin Horne (Twin Peaks): 34%
James Hurley (Twin Peaks): 34%
Dom Cobb (Inception): 34%
Crazy Eyes (Orange is the New Black): 34%
Smash Williams (Friday Night Lights): 34%
Worf (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 33%
James Doakes (Dexter): 33%
The Joker (The Dark Knight): 33%
Jian-Yang (Silicon Valley): 33%
Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter): 32%
Walter White (Breaking Bad): 32%
Coriolanus Snow (The Hunger Games): 32%
Thomas 'Herc' Hauk (The Wire): 32%
Johnny (The Room): 32%
Melisandre (Game of Thrones): 31%
Cornelius Fudge (Harry Potter): 31%
Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter): 31%
Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 31%
Chris Partlow (The Wire): 31%
Saul Tigh (Battlestar Galactica): 31%
Tom Buchanan (The Great Gatsby): 31%
James Taggart (Atlas Shrugged): 31%
Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction): 31%
Butch Coolidge (Pulp Fiction): 31%
Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter): 30%
Dukat (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 30%
Spiros 'Vondas' Vondopoulos (The Wire): 30%
the Alien (Alien): 30%
Morty Seinfeld (Seinfeld): 30%
Krusty the Clown (The Simpsons): 29%
Thomas Barrow (Downton Abbey): 29%
Rust Cohle (True Detective): 29%
Avon Barksdale (The Wire): 29%
Frank Sobotka (The Wire): 29%
Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): 29%
Gavin Belson (Silicon Valley): 29%
Mr. Potato Head (Toy Story): 29%
Sandor Clegane (Game of Thrones): 28%
Alastor Moody (Harry Potter): 28%
Benjamin Linus (LOST): 28%
Mr. Burns (The Simpsons): 28%
Ben Chang (Community): 28%
William Rawls (The Wire): 28%
Ziggy Sobotka (The Wire): 28%
Akecheta (Westworld): 28%
Bobby Briggs (Twin Peaks): 28%
Prince John (Robin Hood): 28%
Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood): 28%
Oscar Bluth (Arrested Development): 28%
Frank Burns (M*A*S*H): 28%
Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones): 27%
Winn Adami (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 27%
Nick Sobotka (The Wire): 27%
Dennis Nedry (Jurassic Park): 27%
Roy Petty (Ozark): 27%
Moaning Myrtle (Harry Potter): 26%
Firelord Ozai (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 26%
Michael Dawson (LOST): 26%
Man in Black (Westworld): 26%
Scar (The Lion King): 26%
Vicious (Cowboy Bebop): 26%
Sam Healy (Orange is the New Black): 26%
Dwight Schrute (The Office): 25%
Mr. William Collins (Pride and Prejudice): 25%
Nelson Muntz (The Simpsons): 25%
Jayne Cobb (Firefly + Serenity): 25%
Ringo (Pulp Fiction): 25%
Sarah O'Brien (Downton Abbey): 24%
George Costanza (Seinfeld): 24%
Moe Szyslak (The Simpsons): 23%
Pierce Hawthorne (Community): 23%
Shane Walsh (The Walking Dead): 23%
Merle Dixon (The Walking Dead): 23%
Hector Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean): 23%
Cypher (The Matrix): 23%
Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 22%
Darth Vader (Star Wars): 22%
Sid Phillips (Toy Story): 22%
Pennsatucky Doggett (Orange is the New Black): 22%
Jacob Snell (Ozark): 22%
Theon Greyjoy (Game of Thrones): 21%
Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter): 21%
George Bluth, Sr. (Arrested Development): 21%
John Locke (LOST): 20%
Gollum (Lord of the Rings): 20%
Darlene Snell (Ozark): 20%
Stannis Baratheon (Game of Thrones): 16%
Leland Palmer (Twin Peaks): 16%
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