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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Fletcher realized he was being a huge jerk and yet he felt like he couldn't stop. His mood had turned sour and depressed, and he was slowly realizing that it was he and his daughter alone who had ruined the day. He had no one to blame but himself.

"I'm sorry." He said abruptly. He knew that half-heartedly apology wouldn't work, but he had noticed the concern on his son's face and he didn't like it. Plus the kid had even given up on his dragon egg story, which was telling. "Okay, Dunk," he replied. "Let's go." Fletcher had the blanket now and started walking himself and Dunk toward the park exit. He assumed Jessa would be with them.
Jessa appreciated his apology. She didn't say anything, though, she just held the basket and followed her future husband and son to the exit. As soon as she reached the home, she would take a long hot bath to calm herself. Ugh. They needed to find Mallory a boyfriend to get her busier than to do this again. A boyfriend would do that, in Jessa's experience.

Duncan nodded, happily taking his father's hand and walking along. He took his hand himself, not because he may run off like usual but because his father was sad. It was for him, okay?

.......... he shouldn't have given up the egg thing.
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