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Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
What was that noise he made at her? Jessa fixed him with a stern look, not the same looks she gave the little Duncan, of course. Fine. If he knew it wasn't a good gesture to immediately follow her instead of having her locked up in that dramatic head of hers, then be it. Okay. What Jessa was upset about now was that his daughter ruined the majority of the proposal memory now. His daughter because she couldn't bring herself to say the girl's name.

Little Duncan received a small, hasty smile at his comment as Jessa helped Fletcher pack although not in the same shaky way he was doing it. She paused when he started explaining to their SON what marriage was. "Wow. Please don't hold back on the romance. I think we can take even more." He stomped on the whole idea and sentiment behind this ring he just gave her! Was he serious??

"It's a promise." Jessa looked at her son, trying to ERASE what her emotional boyfriend did. "To stay with the one you love no matter how dumb, irrational and old they get--" Stressing on every word. "With all their stupid packages, too." She added this bit in a calmer tone. They were done for the day, right? Right. Just going to wipe little Dunk's chocolate-y mouth and get the heck out of here.

Oh no. His parents were angry now. Upset maybe was a better word, whatever it was, it made him worried. He wished he didn't ask... maybe it was a bad time. His father's answer was different from his mother's. Both needed follow-up questions but he felt the electricity in the air, and just kept quiet. He did move closer prompted by his mother's wiping process.

... why did Mallory leave?
"Wow, please don't hold back on the sarcasm. I think I can take even more," Fletcher grumbled under his breath, exactly like Jessa, giving up on the packing since she was taking that over anway. He did, however, listen to her and Duncan, and let out a small snort at her explanation.

Yeah, a promise. Alright. He wasn't regretting his promise, not at all. "It's just that some people like to RUIN THINGS for others," he grumped loudly. He was referencing his daughter, of course, not his future wife. "Some people are jealous, Dunk, and some people are impatient, and some people just can't stand to see others happy. I don't know." He stood up, though unlike Mallory, he wasn't about to just LEAVE his family. He motioned for Dunk to get up too, so he could pick up the blanket.

"Promise me you won't act like your sister, son," he put an arm around his boy. "Be more patient than her, okay?"
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