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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Fletcher grinned a little bit at her jokes, because he did love her jokes, no matter how cringe-worthy they were. And he was relieved that she scooted closer to him, close enough for him to touch her hand without causing too much suspicion..... not that it MATTERED, right? She could surely guess what he was going to ask her, right? RIGHT?!

"Okay, well, a long time ago I bought you something, and I've been carrying it around forever, waiting to be sure that the time was right, and I think now the time is right..." He didn't know what else to say now, so he simply reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a small, robin's egg blue box, and taking her hand, pressed the box into her grasp.

Fletcher's brown eyes focused on her like sappy pools of melted chocolate as he waited for her to open the ring box. "Please say yes, Jessa. Nothing would make me happier than to be with you forever."
She liked their hands together, she pressed hers into his a little giving him reassurance. She didn't realize that in a few moments, she was going to need someone to squeeze her hands to calm her nerves too.

A present? She loved surprise presents! Jessa's smile grew for only a second before he went on, and she was kind of realizing that he was pressing a ring box into her hand. Like, a ring to get married? Married? She looked down at the box, opened it, made sure it was an actual engagement ring before she looked up into his eyes. Say yes?

The smile graced her lips again, bigger and more radiant. There were some tears in her eyes as she said, "Yes." flung her arms around his neck to give him a kiss, sealing the deal. "I would never be happy away from you, Fletcher. I thought you knew." She didn't really pull back from him completely yet. "But also," she sniffed lightly. "I don't want you to feel pressured into this?" She knew he had his own ideas about marriage, and his past experience had traumatized him to a certain degree, so why? Was it because she loved wedding parties, wedding dresses, and wedding cake?
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