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in the sky

inspiration Create This Book by YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth
materials Ohuhu alcohol markers, printer paper, a toothbrush, white acrylic paint, white 0.1 POSCA pen

I've been itching to do a bit of drawing again so I asked around for a random number and SSer JennMarie won me over with 147. So I turned to the page, read the prompt, and immediately knew I wanted to do a night sky something or other. I then got to thinking about constellations and maybe which was my favorite...but I couldn't narrow it down at ALL so I decided that my zodiac sign would do. Aaaaaaaaaaaand since this household has been on a bit of a Lion King kick recently I drew some creative inspiration from one of my favorite musical moments where Mufasa's face comes together during the 'He Lives in You' sequence as well as the night scene in the film. Minus all the clouds.

First was laying down the base layer gradient between the purples and blues. Next I did the lion's face and mane with the same colors used for the background and built up layers here and there. Next was a bit of an experimentation and I think I needed to put more paint on the toothbrush or flick it harder or a combination of the two because I didn't get the splatter effect that I was hoping for...but I did get a nice texture to the drawing regardless. For some final touches I drew the Leo using my POSCA pen and then some additional highlights here and there using it as well.

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