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Originally Posted by Jack Roller View Post
Only 20 Galleons? If Jack was a comic book villain, he would have been rubbing his hands together excitedly. He’d been given more than enough to cover the cost and his client needn’t know that he hadn’t used all the money he was given. Call it a bonus.

Despite his excitement, he put on a thoughtful look as if he was thinking over his finances. ”Right. Thanks,” he pulled out the coins and handed them over. ”I’m sure I’ll be back sometime. We just moved here and my sister doesn’t like crowds.” He gave the shopkeeper a slightly abashed looking smile, hoping it gave the impression of a caring brother who was slightly embarrassed by a sibling. It was best to lay some sort of story in case he had to come back and the short explanation should be enough to explain the odd quantities he was buying.

He was glad that he was finishing up, because the shop was getting busy. ”Thanks again dude,” Jack said emphasizing the strong Brooklyn accent he’d been using. And grabbing his packages his left.
Apparently, the man was expecting it to cost a bit more given the upbeat mood Gideon was greeted with upon giving the amount needed. Oh well, if what he said was true, the sister would be the one more aware of the cheaper ingredients versus the ones worth a fortune, only a couple included in today’s purchase. “You’re welcome,” he said, accepting the coins and depositing them in the register before wrapping up each of the items.

The bell on the door signaling other customers distracted the shopkeeper slightly from the notion of more visits and embarrassed sisters. Instead Gideon simply handling over the wrapped purchases to the man as they were grabbed for and nodding at the added thanks. Right…it was the busy season. The man wiping the counter before moving from around it, debating checking on the others.
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