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Orion was still careful around Candi, but thankfully his terrible self loathing had given way to more of a cautious optimism around her. They had talked several things out and they had grown as friends..

Look at him.. growing. Who knew. Maybe he wasn’t quite a dungeon creature anymore. Maybe he was more.. a ghost drifting through the wall. Not quite human yet.. but definitely a step up from where he had been.. as a troll... in the dungeon.. just thought you ought to know.

He was pulled from his thoughts as Candi spoke and he grinned. “I am! I thought a maybe new look to go with the new me..” He grinned as he tugged on a curl. “Well almost a new look. ” He hasn’t changed his hair yet.. he grinned at her as she spoke about her shop.. “Oh I’ll be there soon.. I have a few more pieces to purchase. ” He said with an easy smile before glancing over at Carsyn..

Take some getting used to hmm? He frowned a bit as he tugged at the sleeves of his jacket, a habit he had usually done with his hoodie with he wanted to retreat, however his jacket wasn’t long enough to cover his hands.. “Yeah.. I guess it will. ” He said as Carsyn talked about quidditch.

“I’d love to come, just let me know in advance what day and I’ll make sure to get it off. ” He was a working boy now.. he couldn’t just go off and ditch work.. he wanted to try and save as much of the money that his mom left him as he could.

He smiled at their music talk, but didn’t say much.. rather embarrassed by how much he actually liked the new age pop Candi was talking about.
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