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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post
Ahhhh.. he loved being in this store. It was very familiar and almost home like.. potion ingredients, vials, bins full of this and that.. even the smell of it was like home. Potion making had been his safe place for such a long time..

And even though now he had more safe places.. coming here to this store still made him feel safe.

He was running low on vials and a few basic ingredients that he needed for his sleeping potions, so he moved down the aisles, his black jacket over his gray shirt.. his hair a bit of a mess..

He turned the corner and smiled as he saw who was in front of him..

“Fancy meeting you here. ” He said with a half smirk..
Her basket was already half full. But that wasn't surprising to Babs either. She figured she'd get the ingredients she needed once the equipment was in her basket. As she kept walking, Babs heard someone speak, but didn't think it was towards her. Except there weren't many people inside and the voice was directly behind her. The girl turned around to see Orion and gave him a small smile.

"Oh? Didn't we bump into each other before already?" She gave him a small laugh before picking up another vial, examining it, and setting it into her basket.
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