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The shopkeeper was probably tired of seeing her in here.

Pfft. Her own mother was probably tired of giving her money she would just spend on potions supplies and not things she needed for school. But Babs would just guilt her about the divorce and be on her merry way towards Diagon Alley. Thankfully, she no longer had to bring her siblings along, only to babysit. But her older sister, Timila, had to come along and make sure she didn't buy anything dangerous. Though the Slytherin girl was still only sixteen. BUT ONLY UNTIL NOVEMBER. Then she would be almost free to do as she pleases.

Walking into the shop, Babs looked down at her list and walked around the aisles for some vials. Hers kept blowing up when working on things back home, or selling them to curious folks. Either way, her stock was currently running low.
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