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Default Potterdom Guidelines
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Do you love the Harry Potter Franchise? Probably because otherwise you wouldn't have joined this website. Contained within the Potterdom Forum are several subforums to discuss ALL things related to the magical world of the Harry Potter Franchise that has been in existence for over twenty years!!!

Before you get to discussing, let's go over a few groundkeeping rules to make sure you know where to post appropriately.
  • All SnitchSeeker Board Rules apply at all times. Please make sure you are aware of the rules as breaking them can result in post deletions and/or warnings. Profanity (even if it's in the movies), spam, and a lack of respect for others' opinions are not tolerated, and offenders will be warned.
  • Be respectful!! Even if you do not necessarily agree with what others have to say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Debating a theory is fun, but remember that we all all here because we enjoy the Harry Potter world and personal attacks will NOT be tolerated.
  • All new threads are viewed and approved by the Potterdom Mods. So if your thread doesn't appear right away please don't panic, it may take us a couple of days. However, if your thread doesn't appear in 5 days, that means it has not been approved and you should have received a PM with why.
  • Speaking of creating a new thread, please make sure that topic does not already exist. Duplicate threads will NOT be approved. Use a title that clearly states the thread's purpose and please make an effort to use proper spelling and grammar to ensure the thread is easily understandable.
  • Staying on topic is imperative. Read thread descriptions to know what is being discussed. Read the most recent posts of your fellow members. Irrelevant posts will be deleted without warning.
  • Please do not take matters into your own hands if you come across something you find offensive. Ten different postings of "This is inappropriate!" or "This is in the wrong place!" will only make the problem worse. If you want to help, contact a Potterdom moderator (they're listed on the bottom right corner of each subforum) so they can take care of the situation instead.

Brief description of the different subforums available:
  • Magical Menagerie (Fantastic Beasts): What in Merlin's beard is our pal Newt Scamander up to now? With three movies still yet to be released, all things fantastic and beastly can be speculated here. THIS FORUM WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Flourish and Blotts (Books): For all discussion relating to the Harry Potter book series - with individual book forums, reviews, editorials, and romance shipping.
  • Ollivanders Wand Shop (Movies): Want to debate the casting of certain characters? Is there someone who you would have rather seen cast as a certain part? Anything that really irritated you about being cut or changed from the movies? Whatever you're interested in, discuss all pertaining to the Potter Movies in here!
  • Leaky Cauldron (General) General topics, such as Harry Potter mobile games (Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite) or even the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in ThemeParks around the world may be discussed here! Part of the Hogwarts Running Club? Share your triumphs for that too.
  • Potter Polls On the main SnitchSeeker page, there's a poll to let fellow members know your opinion on something. Got something you want to really discuss and vote on?? Details within this forum for how you can submit a poll idea of your own!!
Most important guideline of all, HAVE FUN! The website is meant to be enjoyed. Talk theories. Talk what you hated. Talk what made you addicted. Share opinions and revel in what made a "Potterhead"

Thank you and happy discussing!

ArianaBlack, FearlessLeader19 and Lissy Longbottom

It's cool, I'm just teaching full time and doing a three year degree in one year.
I'll be back. Forever in need of a cheerleader though.
Stay safe, faves.

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