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inspiration Hogwarts SSRPG characters Baylen Brown (mine)
materials Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

Baylen is a character who I had at Hogwarts for Term 47 & 48, though only as a secondary character and he was never posted in the school forums (just Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade) and previously attended Durmstrang. He is a dancer and it has been his passion ever since he was crawling. However, because we all love some angst, in his final year at WADA he experience an accident during a final showcase rehearsal that landed him in St. Mungo's and with both knees barely functioning and in need of serious reconstruction healing to be followed up by a year of rehabilitation. He, therefore, graduated a year late (2099-2100 school term) and switched his major from a dance focus to one with more of an emphasis on choreography. This showcase was a representation of how he saw himself fitting into the history of dance as well as his own emotional journey with it, accumulating in his first dance post recovery as the final number. 'Shift' was a word that stuck out because he was forced to do a lot of that in light of his injury, not just in practical reasons for how he had to live day-to-day, but also in his way of thinking and how he approached life in general. Every totally obliterated a Gryffindor with their own passion? It's not a pleasant experience

This poster was a lot of fun to make (please ignore typos and pass them off as Baylen being too excited about this, please and thank you ). It's always a lot of fun creating things like this for characters (myself and others as well) to add dimension to the RP This one in particular was really special to me because I got to involve so many others with this showcase, even if we just headcanoned things. In order of appearance on the poster: Tempest Zunther (Stormdancer), Rhea Durant (natekka), Lucas Choi (kayquilz), Rose Kennedy (MunchyBubbles), Wiremu Webb (Tegz)

Hardest part of this poster? The font I spent what felt like FOREVER finding a font that fit his aesthetic and then sort out the appropriate spacing.

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