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{ click on the below thumbnails to be taken to their full size }

inspiration Hogwarts RPG homework assignment (Astronomy) []
materials various clip arts from the Internet & some version of Adobe Photoshop

I figured a good place to start with all this would be all the way back to when I first started properly dinking around in Photoshop with one of my first manipulations (manip) I made for SS back in Term 28 (I joined site at Term 26). Perhaps even THE first one...and yikes The premise of the assignment (see the pink star above) was to create our own planets and alien species. My character at the time was obsessed with baking, so naturally this meant her project would reflect this. On the left you see the planet...which is some pretty interesting attempts at modifying colors (looks like I only used overlay and soft light options for those layers *pets past me and gives a gold star for trying*). On the left are the aliens I manipped together using some black and white clip art for the bodies and some cute food ones for the heads. I colored these in Photoshop (ACK NO SHADING ) proooobably using the paint bucket and then called it a day

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