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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

Ah, this guy was too nice, really. Fletcher accepted the proffered handkerchief with a muttered thank-you and a shake of his head. He wiped at his cheek but thankfully it didn't seem too dirty; maybe the newspaper had helped in this way. He instead worked on dusting off his hands and jacket. "Yeah, you'd think that would be a priority for the junior undersecretary, right?" Or maybe not, because he still didn't even have his own office yet.

Yes, that was this Fletcher. "I am the Champion, yes, yes," Fletcher waved the handkerchief like he was waving to his adoring fans. He couldn't resist grinning a little that anyone remembered him. "Gryffindor...." What Gryffindors did he know? He could hardly remember his school mates, besides Salander, who was a very busy man, and his ex-wife and some of her friends. But this guy didn't really look the type to hang out with, like, Evelyn...

"Give me a hint on your name, bud." Fletcher eyed him. "I mean, you're obviously in law enforcement...." It was a Gryffindor thing, right?
He simply nodded at the thanks. It wasn’t much but wasn’t just not offering any sort of help beyond the hand up. Simon fought the urge to chuckle at his, Fletcher’s, handkerchief waving. The recognition seemed to perk him up a bit from the downside of the day. Duncan Fletcher his mind filled in more and more, especially with the reference to the junior undersecretary position. But he always preferred the use of his last name the former Gryffindor remembered.

“Yeah I would think so.” Someone who would certainly need a desk with all the work of that department. Plus being the face of the minister before you got to the minister. Couldn’t have visitors think the wrong things.

Right. Here he was knowing the other man’s name now and he hadn’t been nice enough to return the favor. Yet. “Simon,” he answered at first before expanding on it. “Simon Bennett. And yes…I’m head of security.” The air of law enforcement first instilled in his auror training apparently still very much present after all these years. Though he tried to tone it down when he wasn’t at work.
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